Monday, June 28, 2021


 Well, bound to be days like today - nothing in here for me. Doesn't mean it can't be interesting though, flipping through a random stack of 50 cards. Well, somewhat random as there are "chunks" that show up.

We get a run of NBA Draft subset cards from 1992-93 Upper Deck...not bad.

No border, limited design on the front - alright overall.

We generally stick to Upper Deck and basketball for most of the cards, ending with a bunch out of 1996-97, which we have seen a bit of before, but we end with the first subset cards of "the game in pictures" as it says on the back. Jason Kidd and Avery Johnson. I will say, I did at least recognize Jason Kidd.

I may not have ever been big into basketball but 1994-1998, I at least did follow a little.

Let's end with something I will actually keep with a PWE trade with another new trade partner tucha from TCDB. I send off a bunch of O Pee Chee hockey cards for the cards below...

Some great Leafs add - though the Jonas card between the brown border and green jersey definitely doesn't scream "Maple Leaf". With the MVP cards, I don't mind the faux silver script used with this design, it doesn't take away from the cards.

Wasn't just Lefas - have some help for a set...

2011-12 Victory is not high up on the list of sets I am chasing down to finish, but I do have a solid part of it already, and this helps well on the remaining. The contrast on the Quick card between the old school yellow and purple and the black/grey really makes him pop on the card.

We also end with a few newer Leaf cards including more Marner who I enjoy almost as much as Authon.

Another appreciated trade!


  1. Seeing those three Lee Mayberry cards in a row is kind of cool. Kinda artistic.

  2. You're right. Not a lot there to get excited about. I do like the Victory cards.

  3. I like Cassell scoring against The Admiral, and Kane and Byfuglien in the hockey section.