Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Not There Yet

 Like many things it life, it isn't always about the destination, but about the journey to get there. Collecting is no different. Sure, I love to complete sets, but it is the fun in getting there - by trades, opening packs, etc, that is the real fun part.

Today, we continue the journey on a couple sets.

We get a page worth of additions for 1993-94 Score which include some subset cards, and Sean Hill being one of the initial Mighty Duck players. Still hope I see the logo card for them from this set since I do have the Florida one already - like those cards.

As for the bunch of "not keeping" cards, definitely one set that may be moved later on.

Actually, speaking of that Florida logo card, here is a dupe.

1996-95 Upper Deck is a fine set, I have nothing bad to say about it. I just haven't collected it to this point as I haven't come across much of the cards to really want to start it. It also isn't a set I have attachment to, so I had no reason to go out of the way to start it either.

I haven't run into a large section of it, but if there are enough dabbling pieces like this, I may have to take up the journey. Until making that decision, I just keep...

My Leaf cards as I find them.

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