Sunday, June 27, 2021

Legit Embossed

 Though it may be hard to's cards like these which really make these lots very interesting.

It is hard to see, but if you look below the black of his shorts and between his legs, you can see the embossing which says "trading card" and the word fall above the word expo, beside a '97.

So, I had to do some interwebs digging to figure this out. What would have helped is, this embossing doesn't show the crown in the middle very well, but what I was able to find is that, from 1997-2003, Pacific would make embossing stamps for each major card show that they would be at. You would be able to buy a pack of cards and for a fee, they would emboss one of the cards from the pack.

To be clear, this card is stamped with the Toronto Fall Expo for 1997 - which makes sense as, from what I have found out, the owner of the set was in the Southern Ontario area collecting through his life.

From a collecting and documenting issue, this means no one knows how many of any given card exist that is embossed. Secondly, they apparently destroyed the embossing stamp after the show so that additional cards could not be stamped either.

If you want a detailed read and examples of the different embossing stamps used, I found this thread which does a great job explaining it.

So what does this mean? Well, prices for these cards can be, in relative terms, expensive. In some digging, these regular cards go for standard prices - anywhere from 10 cents to 99 cents depending on where you want to get them, but the embossed versions seem to sell from $15 - $40 depending on the player.

Has to be a market for it, and I am sure the prices fluctuate considerably, but very cool pick up for me out of this lot, and a solid player. I would guess there are a few of these cards out there as Chris is a Hall of Famer and was great at the time people would have been opening the packs.

Other keepers for today...

Still picking up hologram different cards out of early 90s Upper Deck!

Sweet - I found Dave man!

The rest...

I didn't look up how many cards in a pack for the Pacific Crown Collection product out of 1997-98, but I am guessing we may be seeing a single pack all in, minus an insert or two...

A very education pull today...wouldn't mind another, but don't expect to see it.

We can end today with a quick PWE trade from someone new at TCDB - Midnight112x. Traded away some baseball base cards in exchange for mostly the same...

Except for a pretty nice purple parallel TJ and the Smoak Diamond King is pretty sweet. THat design on the Diamond King is very mid-80s and I really like it.

Since I don't get these new cards myself, always appreciate these trades for helping my collection along.


  1. I've come across some of those embossed Pacific cards... but never obtained any in person. I like the idea of opening a pack, choosing a card and having it embossed.

  2. I'm not sure on the hobby pack but the retail pack I opened from that set had 4 base cards and one parallel.