Sunday, December 29, 2019

A visit to Cobb County

If you ever too a trip down to Cobb County Georgia, you'd run into this man, or so his wrestling theme song suggested....

I really liked Big Boss Man as a kid. Whether he was a good guy, or a bad guy, I enjoyed both as he was a great character. Much better than Big Bubba. It was also one of those characters that actually survived fairly well from going through the rock and wrestling early 90s, to a slightly transformed version which was more tough guy / SWAT inspired police man of the later 90s attitude era.

The Leaf adds today are excellent as they are both new to the collection. THought I had the Hat Trick Damphousse, but apparently not.

I enjoy A&G generally, but don't really buy a lot, so happy to pick up a new to me insert.

Not only do we get the golf Canadian content, but a nice Crosby photo which is outside the usual on the Pinnacle card as well. Pinnacle may not be my type of card, but they do get some of the photos right for being outside the in action skating pose.

One pack left for tomorrow, then a year review and we can wrap up 2019!

I have a couple minutes today to at least highlight the card spoils from Christmas, which is usually stuff from Santa with a quick sprinkle of something else from the kids.

Santa's gift of a few packs for the Magic collection including Ice Age which dates back to 1994, and the collector edition for the newer Throne of Eldraine set.

Some stocking stuffers which include more packs for the unopened collection which is a nice variety.

Another stocking stuffer, and a box of hockey cards from the family. Happy with the adds, and the packs I am opening will go aside for a later time, but this let's me get the unopened pack additions put in.


  1. The Big Boss Man...
    I feel bad for his WCW run after his WWF run.
    I think he had 5 name changes. The Boss, The Guardian Angel, Big Bubba, Big Bubba Rogers and Ray Traylor.

    Poor WCW couldn't just leave him with his established name from NWA. But they ran into that with a few guys.. I look Ed Leslie's way and cough as I typed this..

    1. Poor Ed...being Hulk's friend wasn't always the best...

  2. Can't wait to see what you pull from the 2019 Topps Chrome. That was a fun product to bust.

  3. That's one of my favorite wwe products and crazy to think it's already been 15 years he's been gone, really liked the character he portrayed and had awesome mic skills