Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Lofton one today

A quick go through of the cards in today's pack so - right to it - first the keepers...

Just a couple sets I am doing the slow complete one, and a few cards including Kenny Lofton who generally should get a bit more love than I think he does.

Traders...plenty of those...

Really don't need to see any 1987 Topps - been there, completed that.

Though the Aurora cards are all kinds of Pacific special, not my thing to collect the set, and no Leafs, so nothing there for me.

We end with a few more recent cards, but again, just not sets I am working on, so all are up for grabs if anyone is interest.

I do have an idea for next year which all of these assorted traders have gotten my mind around to, but will leave that to share with the start of the new year. I know, I can be such a tease!

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