Thursday, December 26, 2019

Is there a right way?

It's boxing day. Everyone is probably still digesting food from yesterday, still cleaning up from the unwrapping and other such activities of Christmas. It is a great time to ponder the big questions in life. What is next year going to look like? I can't believe the year is almost over - did I do everything I wanted this year?

Meanwhile, the thought running through my head...which was should a horizontal card be facing when in binders, or even for how the back is printed when the back is vertical.

I know - a deep thinker me be.

Here is why this came to mind today as I go through the CNE pack today...

This is the front of each card when the back is properly upright, one faces with the bottom on the right, one with the bottom on the left.

My preference is ALWAYS to have the bottom on the right side, because when in binders, I am then always just turning the binder clockwise to look at them in a horizontal position. Left just doesn't make sense to me.

Happy to hear the position of anyone else, or if everyone is in agreement with me, but that's the question on my mind today.

Actually there is one other when we look at the rest of the keepers...

Did Kyra really need a card in the Cross The Line base set (or any set)? Was the talent so depleted that they had to go to Kurt Angle's kid to get a nice rounded base set?

One error pick up...because the diamonds for most games played league leader are not explained.

Lastly, traders...

Wow - no Payne Stewart!

As it is boxing day, I did want to also do a quick share of two one off cards from the box I received from Australia (TCDB member JC Kazama) because it allowed me to use a box...

With this, I complete the 1991 Impel WCW 162 card set, all thanks to the Red Rooster here. The Diesel card is nice too - but any card for completing a set, is awesome by definition!

I\ll try and squreze the rest of the box in before the new year, but not sure that will happen.


  1. I also like the bottom on the right--just sort of makes sense that way

  2. I too prefer the bottom on the right. It makes it easier to either turn the binder slightly to view the horizontal card or to turn your head slightly. If the back printing is portrait like many sets of old, all the backs are aligned correctly no matter what the front looks like. It was when they switch things up that gets me a tiny bit annoyed. For the 2008 Heritage set I think it was series 2 where they switched the back orientation for the backs so you have to face the fronts the other way for the back end of the set. It might have been done with 2005 also.

  3. I did an in-depth post on this in the middle of 2017. You got it right - bottom to the right.

    1. Very good analysis - and glad I got it right. :)

  4. I'm a bottom on the right kind of guy too. As for the whole kids on cards I remember pulling the 1982 Fleer Pete and Re-Pete card and thinking it was cool.