Monday, December 16, 2019

Finally Something Toronto

It took a while for one of these repacks to bring up a Leaf or Jay card, but finally pick one up in today's pack (even if it isn't a new one for my collection).

Still working on this O Pee Chee Premier set - about 80% done, roughly 40 cards to go, but one I should work to finish in not too long.

Today's pack actually worked out really well, because there were plenty of new adds for keeping too.

2011-12 Upper Deck is down the list a fair way as far as sets I am really going after, but more, I am just hanging onto the cards I find on this set for now. 2008 TNA Impact on the other hand, hopefully I can pick up some more base needs from these packs as it is less than 100 cards in total for the base set, so would be fairly manageable if I can get even a third of the way there. Those are not the only cards from the set I picked up though, as there were a few inserts/parallels I am keeping in this repack.

The Score glossy is a nice surprise, but it is the two TNA "We Are TNA" inserts which are awesome here. It is only a 7 card insert set, and these bring me to 6 of the cards total. I think all six have come from these CNE repacks over the last couple years, so fingers crossed I see one more!

We end with, the traders...

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