Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 In Review

A pretty obvious title for an obvious subject matter for the last post of the year. Don't worry, there will still be cards to look at, but let's look at how my goals were for the year.

When the year started, I gave myself three goals to work on.

Goal 1 - Post and Share all the 2018 US trip cards I got

Well, that was an easy one to succeed on as I just had to post through cards - kinda the point of the blog, so easy success on goal #1.

Goal 2 - Trade Away 5,000 Cards

As late as October, wasn't sure if I was going to quite get to this goal this year, but after trading away about 1,200 Panini stickers and sending a bunch of Magic cards and others (845 total) to Australia, I ended up close to 6,000 cards traded for the year...actually, just squeaked another big box in for about 700 more cards, so ending up just north of 6,500.

Goal 3 - Complete 10 sets

This was the first year that I set this as a goal, to actually actively work to complete some sets. Usually they happen by fluke and in getting trades that happen to bring the last cards across I need, but a little focus goes a long way as I blew this one out of the water.

Star Trek 1996 SkyBox 30 Years of Star Trek Phase Three
Star Trek 1996 SkyBox 30 Years of Star Trek Phase Three - The Card Game Promos
Baseball 1988 Donruss Bonus MVP insert set
Baseball 1998 Mr. Sub Roger Clemens
Baseball 1988 Donruss
Baseball 1988 Donruss Diamond Kings Subset
Baseball 1988 Stan Musial Puzzle
1991 Fleer Team Logo Stickers
1991 Leaf
Baseball 1992 McDonalds Blue Jays Gold Insert Set * 5
Baseball 2008 Topps Boston Red Sox
Hockey 1990-91 Score American
Hockey 1991-92 Score Canadian English
1997-98 Upper Deck McDonald's
1999-00 McDonald's Upper Deck - The Rookie Year
Hockey 2018-19 Upper Deck MVP Western Stars
Wrestling 2016 Topps WWE
Wrestling 2016 Topps WWE Now Then Forever 15 card NXT Prospect cards
Wrestling 2017 Topps WWE Women's Division
Wrestling 2018 Topps WWE Women's Division
Wrestling 2018 Topps WWE Women's Division - Mixed Match Challenge
Wrestling 2018 Topps WWE Women's Division - Power Couples
Wrestling 2018 Topps WWE Women's Division - Royal Rumble 2018
Wrestling 2018 Topps WWE Women's Division - Women's Champion

No matter how you count this, more than doubles the number of completed sets I got. Some were small and received by trade, others were from getting the last cards I needed, but either way, it worked.

Tomorrow I'll go through my few goals for 2020 and hopefully it will be just as successful, but right now, let's get to some cards.

There was a good 50% off everything sale at firstrow.ca, so I picked up some Leaf and wrestling random packs, an autograph pack and 4 Pokermon assorted packs, all for $50 Canadian. Not sure even at that price it will be worth it as I expect the autographs are in person, so harder to prove, but I have only ever heard nice things, and Curtis at the site personally guarantees the autographs (I believe because he gets them himself, not buying from others).

Today, we start through with the most exciting cards of the bunch....to my 9 year old son, some Pokemon!

Boo to seeing an energy card, but nice to see a couple names I recognize from way back with Meowth and Jigglypuff.

Speaking of old school - Professor Oak! I watched the first couple of seasons of Pokemon which were on when I started university and there was nothing else on that early in the morning (they weren't new at the time, but in solid repeat mode.

Hah, even Mistry too.

The cards are good for what they were, 60 cards for about $4, and for kids that are 6 and 9 years old, they will get more than $4 of enjoyment out of these so a solid start to the package - more tomorrow to go along with the goals I set for 2020, but one last quick share...

A last minute trade came in through TCDB from first time trade partner DrDirt who sent along a couple nice Toronto rookie cards.

This is my first Cavan rookie card and being Gallery, I generally like the look of those cards, and this year is no exception.

A great little PWE trade near the end of the year.


  1. Congratulations on completing 24 sets. That's darn impressive. So is shipping out 6,500+ cards. Happy New Year!

    1. It was a great year in collecting in both respects, hope next is just as great.

  2. Nice accomplishments , i'm going to help you knock more out this upcoming year. All the best for 2020!