Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Muscling through another

It isn't the expectation at all, but like the UFC gold parallels the other day, there can be an insert or parallel in these packs as well. Not a great chance of such items, and I think they are included more out of error (because they look like base cards otherwise), than anything else.

Here is one of the TNA Wrestling inserts which, I actually have a second of from the same insert set. Honestly, I really don't like the design as it is just so little picture considering the room on the card, and the topic matter is a bit ridiculous, but that was TNA a lot of the time anyway - not necessarily a lot to see, and a little ridiculous at times.

Worked out that there were a few cards to add for some sets including a Rhino card for WWE Rhyno while outside the WWE - the subtlety of a letter.

As for the traders...

This card is already claimed by someone. A nice card and Goodwin is generally a solid design, here hitting the subject matter.

The rest of the traders include a bunch of basketball - the first to come out of these packs so far, but I am sure there will be more. Add to that, a few wrestling card and hockey dupes.

Again, an interesting pack if nothing else - so worth the price of admission.


  1. I liked the base set of the TNA cards, but I hated pretty much all the inserts. The Muscles and the Tenay ones showing pictures of autographed stuff were the worst.

    1. Yeah, I don't mind the base designs either...inserts could use work.

  2. I love the 1990-91 Hoops set. One of my favorite NBA sets ever. I finally completed it a year or two ago, not sure I have every variation but I have every number.