Friday, December 27, 2019

Enter the Cage

These CNE packs continue to do a good job om bringing some late 2000s, early 2010s wrestling cards to my collection, and this continues to be the case today.

The keepers are...

As much as the ODB card is great, the Christian Cage card is one that stands out to me. A great reminder of something I didn't like at the time, but was much needed for Christian, his time out of WWE.

Christian took a while to find himself as a singles wrestler when he and Edge split, but the time in TNA really gave him the confidence he seemed to need to bring the A game. After the TNA time and being champion there twice, he came back to the E and ended up with a Championship title twice with WWE before retiring.

Not to be lost, is another Toronto binder add (a third copy)...

Then we finish with the traders...

I may not collect basketball, but the 1990-91 Skybox set is a nice one with the funky designs. Might collect it if basketball was my thing. Let me know if it is your thing though, can always send these to a new home.


  1. That Skybox set is one I've always liked to for no good reason. It just screams 90's. But I dig it. Good post.

    1. Not my sport to collect, but I feel the same way. There are reasons I shouldn't like it with the graphic look instead of a real background, but it comes off nice overall.

  2. Seeing that iPod card bummed me out. I can't find my 2nd generation iPod.