Monday, December 30, 2019

Ending With Styles

Last pack from the CNE, last keepers from those packs, a nice Stink card, a couple hockey pickups and lastly, the artistic AJ Styles card. So far, a pretty nice pack to end on.

Not sure how I didn't yet have this Leaf card as I do have a bunch from 1992-93 Ultra, but just happened not to have Zezel here. He was a pretty good player, on SNES NHL '94 - or atleast one I always found played better than the 64 overall rating. Not like Ken Baumgartner who should have been rated a 1 overall but was somehow a 38.

Hey, some Topps/O Pee Chee baseball. Would have maybe expected a bit more O Pee Chee in these packs since the CNE dealer is Candian, but just didn't seem to be the case.

Phew! With that, the CNE packs are done, and as expected, did a good job on adding some wrestling cards if nothing else!

I want to turn to the last bunch of cards from the Australian box - all the Magic card glory.

My favourite card of the package is the first. Dark Sphere being a decent card from The Dark - personal fave even if it isn't the most expensive or rare of the bunch.

Also love getting cards from one of the joke sets, like Unglued here. Just great how they can poke fun at themselves with cards like Giant Fan just blowing parts of the card around.

I will say, those Myr tokens are problematic. The backs are advertisements, these three being different, but I am not sure how many different ads there are. I think it is over 10 different ads, but I am not sure if they are all available on each card.

Metalworkers are one of my favourite artifacts and here we get a big baddie type as well. 10/10 - bigger than a Colossus of Sardia.

Phew - that was a great bunch of artifacts, and the big push for why I wanted to do the box for box trade. Really appreciated the trade with JC Kazama, and all of the cards here and that I showed already. Hope to be able to trade again in the future too.


  1. Those WERE the days playing NHL 94 , my ex bro-in-law and a few friends used to have wicked 2 vs 2 games on the genesis when i bought the 4 way plug for it til this day the music at the beginning still jabs me. Really enjoy your blogs, I am an everyday reader!

    1. Appreciate you reading, and all versions of NHL 94 rocked.