Monday, December 2, 2019

An Ultra Addition

1992 Ultra is a 600 card set and before this bunch, I had 143 cards. Definitely on the lower end of where I would consider starting to keep and work on a set. I did at least remember this when looking at the thicker packs of cards at the Ex which were less than $1 each, and when I saw one, figured it would be a good way to hopefully knock a bit more off the set, so let's see how much I can bump up from 23.8% completed, oh and if there may be an extra Jay or two for me.

1992 Ultra kept the front design fairly minimal to keep the focus on the photos.

The backs are a bit taken over by blank space filled with odd design. I don't mind the couple photos, but more background would be nice. That said, I would rather use the space with multiple years of stats - the minimal one year and total is just too little for me.

A nice variety of teams and cards here in the adds, which do fairly well. So where did we end up? Just that quickly, up to 205 cards and 34.2%. Still a long way to go on the set, but great to quickly add another 10% for about 85 cents Canadian.

Wasn't just those tough, as I did end up with a few other adds, such as, Jays...

One dupe of an error card which goes to the error binder...

The error in this case, the win loss record on the back being 61-61 for the 1991 year...yeah, bit of a typo there.

Lastly for show, the dupes for trade...

At about a penny a card, a great little pack for pick up!

Another great pickup? A nice trade with TCDB member PapG123 who made a good dent on a set I am getting closer to finishing.

1991-92 O Pee Chee gets a bunch of help, knocking those needs down to about a dozen. Add in a few other cards for the Toronto collections, and this was a very worthwhile PWE. Much appreciated.


  1. I went buck wild with 1992 Ultra when it came out... and built both series and all of the insert sets with the exception of the Gwynn autographs. I still have it sitting in the original binder from 1992.

    1. It is a nice set and cool you still have it in binder form.