Saturday, December 28, 2019

Steckeler for additions

I've said before, these Pinnacle sets are not my favourite, but this is still a new add for the Leaf collection. David spent most of his time with Washington and Anaheim, but lasted just over a season in Toronto.

The pack added more than average to the sets I am slowly working on including a few from 2005-06 Ultra which I got a bunch of from the Santa Lot originally, so nice to get a few adds all in one pack like this.

The traders, including another Payne, have some Topps Total cards as well as a few more American Pie cards including Phelps and his 8 gold medals.

Also - must be a Kolzig hot pack with the couple Kolzig cards here too.

Still, not bad overall, even if I ended up with another Payne Stewart golf card.

Speaking of great overall, I have the rest of the wrestling cards I received from Australia here and ready to share. Again, these are from JC Kazama at TCDB and give me a great start on the 2010 WWE Slam Attax Mayhem set.

As is typical with these sets, the first section of the set are foil cards covering things like the champions.

Shows how high up Jack Swagger was at the time, almost equal to John Cena on the cards, but that didn't last too long for him. Also good to see that, given a 100 point system I presume, Triple H breaks the mold so to speak.

Still no love for Kofi considering the scores of the other champions.

We go past the signature moves, into the roster cards starting with Raw and a decent Edge and a very underrated Goldust.

I think they got most of the scoring right on these, give or take, well, other than that Gail Kim should have probably been best of the women here (Maryse improved and a year or two later may have been higher scoring, and Melina was alright, but wouldn't say she was top).

Again, overall decent on the scoring - and there being a couple of the top women's division wrestlers here.

Okay, Dusty Rhodes is definitely underrated with those scores. I'll call that WWE bias I guess.

We finish with the match specialty and event cards as well as weapons. Not sure how these play in, but there they are.

I had none of these cards before and now well over half. Sweet!


  1. Whoa! Very nice, never seen these, and surprisingly don't have any
    Thanks for showing them and the efforts involved in that!

  2. These Topps Attax WWE cards are cool. I wonder if wrestlers ever sat down and compared numbers.

    P.S. Congratulations on landing another Payne for your collection!

    1. Would be interesting to see their reactions to their stats.