Saturday, December 21, 2019

Excited Finding Cards For Another

Today, the best card in the CNE pack is one I was excited to see because I knew exactly where I would send it. It's interesting, you meet people and "know" them well enough to know what they are collecting or looking for, and finding something that can go their way is about as exciting as knocking off a want of your own.

This one is double exciting because, as much as I know Mike at Not Another Baseball Card Blog likes stadium cards, I can guarantee he doesn't have this one...

Since it isn't from a baseball card set. Hope he will still keep it, but it's already on the way to him (and likely in his hands by now).

Speaking of cards I am not keeping, let's go through the traders as well...

So, if this keeps up, I may just have to finish the CHL award set since it is only 30 cards and I may end up with about 20 of them the way these packs are going.

Also, the McSorley is the first card I've got from 2011 Parkhurst Champions which, is nothing else, gets big marks for full stats on the back. I forgot McSorley played for so many teams over his career (7) as I remember him for his Oilers/Kings stretch.

I did get one (even if it was a dupe), Toronto card...

Mair went on to over 600 games in the NHL, though only the first 15 were with Toronto as most were with Buffalo. Yakushin meanwhile spent his entire NHL career in Toronto - just unfortunately that meant 2 games.

The rest of the goodies for keeps are wrestling cards, including some 2011 Topps which I really don't have too much of still.


  1. That stadium card is in my box with my other stadium cards waiting for the sleeves and time for me to binder them..

  2. I remember when Shop At Home was selling issues of the first Sports Illustrated magazine (w/Topps baseball cards inside). It's one of the few things I actually really, really, really wanted to buy from them.

    1. Very few things to ever want to buy from them, but that would be one.