Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Giving on Christmas Eve

It's the day before Christmas - just one more sleep as the kids count things down to the big Christmas day. The best thing about tomorrow is the ability to put smiles on places and the spirit of giving.

Well, today's cards let me do a little bit of giving myself. I may not be a Bruins collector, but I know someone who is, so today's pack is a great one as I have three Bruins to pass along.

Three VERY different card designs, but reflective of three pretty big Bruin names - Cam Neely, Andy Moog and Ray Bourque. The hockey mask subset from early 90s Pinnacle is something I wouldn't mind seeing a whole 100 card base set featured around - best masks in history.

I did get a couple little items for myself in the pack, as the wrestling content is for keeps.

I may not be a member of the Bella Army, but they don't grate my nerves as much as I think they do for other people.

The rest of the pack...

Quick comments on these are that I didn't know the CHL awards were such a big deal as there are so many cards from it in these repacks. Also, apparently Payne Stewart seems to be the biggest golfer circa 2000. Well, biggest golfer to be all over these repacks....no Tiger Woods though...hmmm....almost as interesting as to why the CHL award cards seem to still be short everything Eric Lindros in that set.

Since we are talking giving, PapaG321 on TCDB was kind enough to give me a trade offer and give me something really simple, but nice...

This was the last card I needed to finish the 1991 Score Blue Jays team set to go with the full set I have of it, so I am done with this set, save for maybe a few error cards needed (though dupe Jays are still always welcome).

Here is the Doug Weight card from the 1991-92 O Pee Chee Premier set I am closing on completing/

We end with some more Toronto content including the only way Patrick Roy will make my Toronto binder...sneaking in.

A great little PWE trade from a great trade partner!