Monday, January 14, 2019

Another Leaf

Before the cards - anyone who frequents probably knows the site awards were voted and awarded this past weekend. I just want to say congrats to everyone who helps out the fantastic site.

I ended up actually winning miscellaneous additions for gaming and wresting which I am guessing is mostly thanks to my unopened pack collection, scanning and submitting. Nice to add to the site in my own little way.

Let's just get right to it - with James. This was the other card I already had from this set before I got the box. Of course, being a Leaf, I do not mind at all getting the duplicate. Once these last 5-6 packs are done, I will look at how complete the 200 card pure base set is and decide if I want to continue and complete it or not, but either way 2 James' works for me.

Another Rookie Phenom Wire Photo - a name which could have been shortened so no one hurt themselves on it....but I am just as happy with the base set Al MacInnis.

We finish the quick go through today with a very blue Nikita, which, on the jersey alone I thought was a Leaf at first glance, but no such luck.

14 packs, 110 cards, 376 points

Before going today - let's go through a handful of Listia single card wins...and an oops.

Some Topps base sets I don't have much from - earl 10s mostly. One accident though...

There were two different auctions...I wasn't going to be around when the auctions ended....I bit in a decent bid for both separately...and won both of course.

Ah well, I guess you can win them all....when you don't want to.

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