Thursday, January 31, 2019

2016 WWE Topps Road to Wrestlemania Blaster

It is that time of year - the time between the Royal Rumble in January, and the big show, Wrestlemania in April. Every year, this is the big rev up to the show, and push with story lines, etc, to culminate in front of the big crowd.

So, what better time to look back a couple years with...

As always, for the first box we collect new packs for the unopened pack collection...

Before I get into this box, we actually have a start on this base set as I some how have a dozen and a half card of the 110 base card set, so may even get to about half way with the box.

With those out of the way, let's get right into opening the first of the nine remaining packs...keeping in mind my scoring - 3 points per new card, one for a duplicate base, all inserts are at points equal to odds per pack. With the long odds on real hits, not expecting to see much more than the typical inserts, but part of why I got these boxes was more to collect a good part of base sets than anything else.

Though the set is called road to Wrestlemania, I find the cards document a good part of the year, regardless of the direct lead up to Wrestlemania being part of the title.

I like the black border (except for the knicking that happens from a collection stand point). I appreciate the date so I don't have to remember when it happened, or what show. Also I like the back being a discussion of what it relates to. So more a set about events, than a set about the individual wrestlers - different, and appreciated for it.

Remember when Fandango-ing was a thing, and the sone was actually charting in the UK? Yeah, now I have a card to remind me of such times with Fandango dancing bronze...

These one per pack Wrestlemania 32 roster inserts are very nice. I will hopefully end up with about half of them, but might need to keep an eye out for the rest when I am done.

So with one pack in, since the odds on the inserts are one per pack on the Wrestlemania roster, and every other pack for bronze - we go...

1 pack, 7 cards, 21 points.


  1. Just started a collection of these, it creates a great timeline of wrestling events for not a ton of money.

    1. Like a much more reasonable and condensed version of Upper Deck Documentary sets.

  2. I did notice that they miss a few major events, which occasionally Topps Now covers, but there is only like 40 prints per card.

    1. Yeah - such small print runs compared to some of the baseball Topps Now runs.