Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Trading thoughts and the great one

I do almost all of my card trading through the Trading Card Database, and though 99% of the trading is great, I do have a few pet peeves, which may just be me, but I want to address them in a positive way and give some (hopefully) useful thoughts to those out there who trade through TCDB, and for general trading.

1) Pull tabs
I am not going to write about this helpful way to package cards because it has been done so well by someone else already - see here. This isn't a make or break issue, but a trader does get a bonus mark or to for making my life easier by making these.

2) Correct communication
I think we are all understanding people. If something comes up in life which causes delays - I fully understand, just let me know. Same holds true with, don't say you have shipped cards when you haven't. I have had this experience a couple times. My concern isn't anxiously waiting for the cards, but worrying that mail isn't getting delivered. Just have honest, clear communication.

3) Ship securely (not expensively)
It pains me to get a small package of cards from the US worth $1 with postage paid of almost $10. For small trades, I fully expect and want them sent by PWE. Mail accidents happen, but for 95% of my trades, the card value isn't worth the postage.

More important is how cards are packaged. I have had small packages with $10 postage where the cards were literally just thrown into the package - no penny sleeves, top loaders, or material to prevent bending. I think there are numerous ways to package safely, and accidents can always happen (case and point, the issue I raised here - the packaging should have been good enough and I blame the postal office on that one).

Just a few thoughts, and things I strive to abide by as well. Definitely help to make a trade great.

It was like getting cards of the almost best yesterday, and getting THE best today with, not only a Gretzky card, but the very nice Colour Art subset card.

The pose itself is fairly simple, but is fitting for Wayne.

The question I have is - Oiler or King? I think Wayne had such a defined time in both cities, I am fine with him in either and don't really have a preference. I think overall, the impact and exposure in LA makes that more prolific for many though.

Henrik with a simple stance, buy makes a good card photo.

I think Iginla not wearing a helmet could be a good subset of an Iginla PC.

8 packs, 62 cards, 255 points.

As these seem to still be coming in fairly quickly, some more Listia cards to share today to end things...

Again, these were all single card listings I won, and from the same seller. I enjoy the ards the seller puts up, but my one comment is that sometimes, the cards aren't sent until a few weeks after the listing ends which is too long in my opinion, but I will put up with to continue being able to bid on these.

The first couple being 4th edition are like seeing old friends. I have a couple of each already (but not four, which is why I bid on them). I remember pulling these cards from new packs back in the day..,.good times.


  1. Those Portfolio cards are nice.
    I received the cards you sent yesterday.

    1. Glad you got them - hope they are still of use. :)

  2. I'd certainly be more inclined to trade with folks of the border if I knew how to ship PWE there. I assume US stamps (since I get Canada ones from trade partners), but how much, etc?


    1. I believe international stamp costs after increases later this month is $1.15US for a stamp (Canada's cost is going to be $1.27CDN for similar). Depending how you package, can work for roughly 10 cards in a single envelope.