Thursday, January 10, 2019

Portfolio, Magic and a NPN Autograph - oh my!

I enter the Upper Deck No Purchase Necessary contests because they are so simple - a couple clicks. I do it maybe once a week - not multiple times a day, or by spending an hour entering a thousand times - my point - I don't go nuts with the entries.

That said, I have had success in getting cards, though my first was the most on point in my collection - Mitch Marner Trilogy Triptichs Jersey card SN to 249 I believe. Since, I have had a couple Marvel card inserts which don't mean much to me, but I was able to trade away. The latest NPN card I received yesterday, is more in that vein.

I am not even going to bother taking out of the sleeves it came in. Just going to put it aside and see if anyone here has any interest - then I'll check on TCDB.

I knew nothing about Agent Carter or this set before getting this card. In taking a couple minutes to look it up, I learned Agent Carter was a short lived TV and the product came in packs of a single card for a price of about $24 each with the set being made solely of autograph cards, variations of the autograph cards and sketch cards.

So whatever it is, a good pick up I guess - now to just find someone who would appreciate it in their collection.

Anyway, on to more Portfolio. I was hoping with this 2015-16 Upper Deck Portfolio box I wouldn't end up with any doubles since I only had 2 cards from the set beforehand. Unfortunately, didn't quite work out that way for me.

We at least start with some new cards, and a really nice Jonathan Quick rocking the old school Kings uniform.

Dougie here is the only dupe so far and was one of the two cards I had before hand. At least we haven't run into a collation issue and getting dupes within the box. That would be too much like the late 80s...

The insert in this pack is a Wire Photo (every 7 packs) of Max Pacioretty. After 10 years with Montreal, shame to see him shi[pped of to Vegas this year, but unfortunately it happens.

We end with another interesting angle shot that works with Jeff Carter.

10 packs, 78 cards, 296 points.

As promised yesterday, a bunch of Magic Artifact cards for sharing today that I picked up at 401games.

We start going back to 2004 Fifth Dawn, and getting some 10th Edition cards, including some nice reprints of cards I have in earlier sets like Bottle Knomes and Fountain of Life.

Some of the artwork has gotten much better over the years. Cards like the Crown of Empires are a good example - simple, but much more detailed and polished. If the Clock of Omens was a bit less to cast, this could be really awesome for untapping artifacts in an artifact deck.

As usual, able to get a couple big baddies which are a nice staple of artifact decks. I don't care if there is an ability to it - a 5/5 creature for a cost of 2 is really nice. You can find other effects to help remove cards so it can attack or block.

Have to have a construct token given the artifact heavy set that is Unstable.

We finish with cards from the last year or so which include a set of lockets. Not unusual for artifact decks to have a set of cards which are similar except for the colours to which they relate. Three mana is a hefty cost though.

Well, almost all of these were new adds - just two I believe, I already had one of, so a nice group of cards for mostly 15 cents each.

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  1. Agent Carter was a decent show. The writing could have been better, but it had potential.