Friday, January 11, 2019

Not your regular jersey

Today's pack I want to highlight a nice alternate jersey pic...

First, a great player who moved on from the team pictured here...and Dion Phaneuf. Subban should have stayed a Hab, but I did like him individually, so I at least feel better cheering him now that he is out of the Hab uniform.

Dion, gone from his Leaf days here...which is fine.

Here we are....with not your typical Hurricanes uni.

Lo and behold a second jersey outside the usual with Gibson in the orange Ducks uni. That is about the only part of the photo I don't like.

Speaking of photos I like, this is a great one too. Still with Buffalo and getting into a few games a year, but a nice epic victory pose here.

11 packs, 86 cards, 314 points.

Also, a quick Listia share for today...

All except the last Andre card, are from 1985 Topps. I don't care about the quality per se, but I think the 1985 Topps set will be one I'd like to go back and put together just for the childhood memory factor. It isn't a huge set either at 66 cards, and with these, I already have 14, so a decent enough start.


  1. Those are some great cards - I love the Ullmark pose! I used to have a ton of the 1985 WWF cards growing up. No idea what happened to them.

    1. Same here - I don't remember giving them away, but they mus have gone somewhere at some point...