Friday, January 18, 2019

Winter classic and some thanks

I will say that the Winter Classic game idea has been a nice, fairly recent change. The difference between being in the arena makes it special, and it comes off that way whenever you watch one of the games. Sure the ice quality may suffer depending on the weather, but from what I have heard, players love it, fans seem to enjoy it, so full marks on a great idea, and this card is from one of the games as again, the background being different, makes the shot.

Another legend with Glenn Hall who was the second most winningest goalie at the time he retired (behind Sawchuk) with over 400 wins and over 80 shutouts.

Lastly, a rookie phenom who is now a full time member of the Vancouver Canucks. Generally the rookie phenoms have been more successful than not - a good run in this set.

18 packs, 142 cards, 521 points

We end today with a pleasant surprise package from PapaG321 - an oddball, a few well loved cards that will have a new home with me, and a blast from the past in a few wrestling cards.

The top row of cards are new to me, and well loved, but any Toronto card is not going anywhere once I get them! The Toronto Maple Leaf mask card is from 1996-97 Kellogg's Keeper of the Cage (which was nice enough to me put on a sticky note in the package to save me having to figure it out).

Then, the still in package Hostess Wrestlemania IV cards. Just seeing these brought back a lot of fond childhood memories. I remember getting these in Hostess chips as a child. I really liked them back in the day, and still do - too bad I must have gotten rid of them over the years. Nice to have a few back now.

Big thanks to PapaG321!

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  1. Man I remember those WWF stickers too. Thanks for showing them.