Friday, January 4, 2019

Discovering a Portfolio Hit

It only took until opening the fourth pack (well - five packs in if you consider the one I am keeping unopened) before getting the one per box memorabilia hit which is...

Oliver is a decent D-Man, and the card is pretty nice, even though the swatch is a basic white. These simple single swatches fall one per 33 packs. Always fun pulling a hit, so can't complain.

As for the rest of the pack, we only get 5 base cards due to the hit, which are...

I love the McDonald - there are about 20 cards which are base cards and cover stars of past years including guys like Gretzky, which makes sense given the cover of the box and the packs, and Bobby Orr as well as of course Lanny and Clark both shown here.

4 packs, 30 cards, 122 points.

Been a while since I pulled out something from the DantheMan wrestling card box from just before the's been busy, what can I say? Today, a bunch of 2012 WWE Topps Heritage cards. The base set is 110 cards, and I happen to have 4 of them going in to getting a bunch (66) more. A couple double ups with what I have, but still, puts me at about 2/3 done this set which is a great start.

Wouldn't be fair to just talk about them, so let's take a look...

This is my favourite design - 1985 Topps WWE. I have been able to pick up some cards from that original set, but nice to see the throwback here as well.

A good start on this set - one I may look to finish off next year.


  1. Seeing you go through the packs of Portfolio makes me want to finish my box. I pulled from it a lot at the start of the Card of the Day project but have not touched it in months now.

    1. I also find it is so easy to blow throught a box - posting this way let's me enjoy each pack a bit more than I would when just blasting through a box.