Sunday, January 13, 2019

I actually like a horizontal card

To be fair, there are some horizontal cards which are passable. They can be so problematic when sporadic in a set - you can never make them look right when in 9 card pages in a binder. Maybe if the set is done where a part are all horizontal, and those are done to properly fit and fill a 9 card page or more full pages, it would work, but usually no.

This one is passable, different, interesting at least - but this one...

Man, I really like this shot. I don't know if it is because it gives the rare background glimpse of the building which you just don't get on hockey cards, or how it makes Kari look so epic, but I could go for a set just like this.

Hall of Famer in the pack! One of the best offensive D-Men.

A wire photo - and I do give them full credit for nicely putting the name of the type of card right there on the front in brackets.

A nice stetch from Sergei, but still not in the same arena as Kari....

13 packs, 102 cards, 352 points


  1. I just saw the roof over Lehtonen in person yesterday!

    1. I assume you had a good visit and it looks as nice in person. :)