Sunday, May 28, 2023

A Couple More Trades

 I know, it seems never ending. I will say, I am at about 50 trades on TCDB so far, so on track for 100 again this year, like last, and a few outside of TCDB too. Amazing how busy the trading can be, and there are others who do hundreds a year - I couldn't manage that.

So today, two smaller PWE trades for sharing. First up, a single card received...

This comes from JeffWestlake, and is the second of two Leaf cards in the 2020 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day set (Lanny McDonald being the other). Always nice to finish off a small Leaf team set, even if it is only a couple cards!

The second trade comes from ShawRacing, a fellow Ontarian who I have had trades with before, including a big box trade late last year. This one's just a PWE trade, but a nice variety.

Have to love the Kraft Dinner cards - wish I kept the ones I had as a kid.

Wrestling is where it's at with this package though as we get a nice variety of cards including some help on a couple sets...

Getting ever so closer to my base set for the great heritage odd to 1990 Topps baseball set! Also, ending with Sami is a great way to go - amazing character and wrestler all around.

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