Saturday, May 20, 2023

Gettin' 'Er Done With A Codhead

 Today's trade is with fellow Canadian, Canadian Codhead on TCDB. There were a bunch of football cards desired, and though a few wants, not tons for me in return....except I love to take my Toronto dupes, so changing football cards to Jays and Leafs was a great swap to me!

A bunch of newer Jays cards from some of the Bowman sets. I may have these, or some of these scrounging around in my next lot to go through, if I ever finish the COVID lot. That one is all baseball and a lot of recent stuff, so different from my mixed boxes and may be a quicker go through, but should help with some set work.

As for Jays...yay!

It was mostly the hockey which ended up as dupes that evened the trade out - not that it needed to be evened, as I don't mind coming up "short" on trades if I am getting cards I want.

The Belfour is another great one with the showing of the jersey - not as good as the other Belfour card we saw not long ago, but another great one.

Centennial Leafs are great in any number, and the couple Timmies additions are fabulous so a great trade all around with much gratitude from me!

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