Saturday, May 13, 2023

Shiny Caterpillar

Leafs lost - frustrating especially after killing the penalty in overtime, and a disappointing series where they seemed poised to finally breakout, but being a Leafs fan...unfortunately not a new feeling of "maybe next year" settling in already. I need cards to make it feel better...

Second last day of showings of my nice 2021 Topps WWE blaster contents...

A bit torn on highlights, because anything Miz, I enjoy, but a shiny caterpillar is hard to top.

The Otis card (bottom left) is a foilboard parallel, so nice and shiny. As for Otis himself, one of the moves he is known for is the caterpillar. If you don't know what that is, essentially, he does the worm (yes the dance move) across the ring towards his opponent before hitting them with an elbow, except since Otis is a big and hairy man, they call it a caterpillar. Check it out on YouTube...guy is athletic for his size for doing the move, but I do find the nickname hilarious.

I miss seeing Cesaro in WWE, but think he's happy with what he is doing these days, so good for him. Damien Priest - I am hoping the Judgement Day ends up being a solid springboard for him as it helped propel Rhea and help Finn get some footing back under hi,mself.

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