Friday, May 5, 2023

Insert Wrestling Here

 Another short but sweet trade sharing post today, and another one with TCDB member JeffWestlake who I have done a few trades with recently. Another PWE, and this one is all wrestling inserts.

The come from 2013 Topps Best of WWE set, and cover a few different insert sets which were "Top 10" or "Top 15) of something. The cards keep a similar design, but do very nicely and easily specify the insert set name on the front, and it's a great way to cover some great wrestlers.

I always felt that WIlliam Regal was undervalued as a wrestler. I think more and more people are of this view as he has been put more in a teaching role behind the scenes since his in ring retirement. He has a great mind for wrestling, and anyone who learns from him can pick up plenty!

It's been nice to hear about Shawn Michaels also getting into a training role with NXT behind the scenes, and Booker T has of course done some announcing for the brand as well.

A shame Eddie passed so you, as he is another I would have expected to be great at teaching and helping behind the scenes. Heck, he may still be wrestling, especially with the Dom/Rey feud of late.

Appreciate the trade Jeff, thanks again!

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  1. My pleasure pal. Always a great trade!