Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Bog Dog Entrance

 There are only a few wrestlers these days that really give matches those "big deal" feelings. I would put Roman Reigns and Brock in that discussion. There are some other solid ones like AJ, Edge, Randy Orton, but not quite at the same level. I mean, Sami was able to do it for a short burst in his program with Roman, but as far as a sustained presence, there are usually only a few at any given time.

That will be why the Head of the Table has a memorable entrance.

The Shield entrance was great, and Roman keeping the theme for a while afterwards made sense, but with his heel turn, and then the Bloodline, the current theme he has, suits so much better. More plodding, regal, big deal feel to it. Where Brock's is pure energy, Roman's is more, untouchable power.

Or maybe I am reading too much into the music and entrances, but it's all fun show!

Second fave of the bunch, going to be Bayley. Really think she found something more to connect to going heel. The female John Cena / Hugger had it's place and was loved in NXT, but just didn't have the legs on the main roster, and didn't really have the time to build more of a character which Bayley has been able to show, especially with Damage CTRL.

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