Friday, May 12, 2023


 It does seem to happen now and then in these blasters, but today's pack is just about the base cards...

A bit surprised still, but base cards are fine for my wants of completing the base set...though I won't get even half way there with this blaster.

Aliyah and Santos haven't really grabbed my attention, and neither has Indi. Not saying they aren't solid talent, none of them have really picked up my interest and made me care in their angles. Santos seems to be on a solid push, so maybe that will change soon.

Toni is an interesting one. In NXT, I thought she had a lot of talent and if given the opportunity, should could be a big player in the Women's division. As it worked out, she, for whatever reasons, stepped away from WWE after a while on the main roster, and then ended up in AEW. Not sure if it was the pressure, or other mitigating circumstances which lead t her departure, but I'd rather she be in WWE still as I think she has lots to add to the division.

Just a few more packs to go!

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