Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Superstar Mode

 Okay, star power from 2021 Topps WWE....

We have The Man Becky Lynch (a future Hall of Famer), future Hall of Famer John Cena, actual Hall of Famer Edge, current top star Bianca, AJ styles, Sami Zayn, and even Dolph (who at times doesn't get the credit he deserves).

I mean, if you wanted a cross section of the best in the business, there you have it.

I'm still a bit torn on the base set setup. It's essentially two halves - half roster, half events/timeline. I wouldn't mind if it was split into two releases. I mean, just give me a roster base set as it's own release with inserts/parallels, etc.

Still, this back keeps up with punching a bit above average in inserts, another Foilboard parallel with AJ.

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