Monday, May 29, 2023

An Awesomo Trade

I thought I'd be back to sharing from the COVID lot, but I still have some more TCDB trades to muddle through. I didn't think I had been this busy, but here were are. Another first time trade partner today, this one being Awesomo1389 who sent a bit of everything baseball in a single PWE...

Kal kits the error binder, Derek hits the Jays collection and some Topps Gold hits the inserts collection. 1993 Topps baseball, I now have 133 Gold parallel cards, which may seem like a lot, but not really when you consider an over 800 card set.

We end with a few cards from newer sets which define in many ways why newer sets don't excite me as much.

Donruss and the non-licensed cards just leave a bit to be desired in design and limitations from not having the license. Topps Archives always bugs me because they can't stick to a single retro design to bring back. I mean, pick one and stick with it. Heck, make a second design a short print parallel or insert or something. Not that hard to do. Small complaint though I guess, as I do like the retro designs otherwise.

Either way, a fab trade and some great adds, so a big thanks as I thought this trade was absolutely awesomo!

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