Friday, May 19, 2023

Golden Score

As I have been doing, another trade share today, this one with Jaysredlegs on TCDB who wanted one of the 90s Ultra Pro baseball promo cards of Mike Piazza, and in exchange sent me a nice group of Gold parallel Score Blue Jays. 

These deisgns are fine, and the gold rush foiling I always found a bit dark, but I did like that they made the player stand out and didn't "gold" them on the card.

We have enough 1994 and 1995 cards here to get me closer to half way on the Jays team set for both years, which is nice. Should point out the Pat Borders card because he is a guy that I would never have thought I would own 42% of his cards - 114 of 273 according to TCDB. If you consider only his Toronto cards, I'd be over the half way mark.

Gonzalez definitely ended up with a better career in the majors than Small, but I'll take you both for the collection!

Appreciate the trade Jaysredlegs!

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