Saturday, May 27, 2023

TCDB Greatness

 Today, as we continue to work through the backlog that was my April, a couple surprise packages I got which show a couple different greatnesses of the trading card community.

First up, some cards from Billy over at Cardboard History who was kind enough to send some Leafs my way. He hopes some would be new...which is nice, but just getting the cards in the first place was great enough.

The retro Leaf logo card is my fave of the bunch and was a new one for my collection. Logo cards don't get enough love. Kapanen was a new addition too, but all of the cards get love - no worries!

Besides, I especially like newer cards since I don't buy any packs myself when in comes to sports. I have had some packs as gifts, but rarely get something myself, there just isn't the great set out there driving me to complete it. I'd rather work on older sets for that.

Love it Billy, and thank you plenty. Now that April is done and we are almost through May, I should have something soon back out your way.

The second small package was from a trade partner who didn't need to send the cards. There was an issue which I will say was fully on the mail delivery system, and I received a PWE with three cards nicely bent. It happens, and a casualty now and then to save big on postage, I can handle. I let the member know, and lo and behold, without a work a "sorry about that" was sent by dmbramer....

Absolutely wasn't expected or needed, but a thank you for the new array of Chrome Jays. Thank you, and it just shows much of the TCDB community has their heads and hearts in the right spot.