Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Never Too Early For Holiday Magic

 Okay, maybe end of May is too early for the holidays, but if Topps is going to put out this...unique set, and it's going to have Jays in it, I am going to be needing those...

I find the holiday overlay design to be way too much and too distracting. I preferred when it was a bit of snowflake effect outside of the picture itself. The green and red colouring - fine, I can get behind that.

This does mark my 42nd Vlad card - yay. Let's not consider the fact there are over 10,000 different cards for the man already, and 42 is pretty impressive.

These cards came via TCDB trade from RyanFrueh - first time trade partner, and big props to him - thank you!

With the holidays in mind, and the related Magic....

Getting caught up with the unopened pack collection for another set out. I swear, doing this is getting more and more expensive per release. 4 packs, and with the Collector's pack we go in about $60 on each such release, just for these packs.

I also picked up some of the singles form the last few releases...though I may have to wait until lists are up on TCDB to catalog as Magic sets are falling off a bit in getting posted, in part because the checklists are getting more complicated.

Where able, I pick up the regular and foil cards of course. The foul cards are getting a bit better at not also being pringles chips with their curve.

THe set also has a few more tokens that are along the artifact line, so pick up those too of course.

What I didn't share is the 100 pages of Ultra Pro I picked up. These use to be $20, tax included (Canadian remind you), and not are $29.95 plus tax. A good hike, but compared to prices online, still very solid. No idea how shipping across border works if any US friends out there are interested in checking out, but might be an option as long as duties and fees don't kill it.

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