Monday, May 8, 2023

The Pointless Tournament

 Today's pack of WWE cards starts with a great star and a pointless tournament.

I get that the Saudi shows need a little something special. I mean, WWE is making a ton of money running them I presume, and making them special is important. Putting the Undertaker over, even in 2020, can be understood, but the whole tournament thing was just so pointless.

No history to it, not done again since...I mean, just for an angle.

Now, AJ and Undertaker did end up with a great Wrestlemania match out of it which is pictured at the end, so there was some good to come from the pointlessness, so there is that silver lining.

This pack is pretty good for star power considering we have Charlotte and Orton cards as well. I wouldn't quite put Zelina in the same realm, but her card is the foilboard insert.

Decent enough pack as we continue to give me a good start on this set.

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