Sunday, May 7, 2023

Feelin' Green

 Well, these blasters are usually pretty straight forward in getting no repeat base cards, the exact, or close to exact, number of inserts given the odds, but good news is, we beat those starting today.

Lots of green, but first let's focus on John Morrison. Serial numbered to 99, these are a dark green parallel which hit one every 162 packs, so really nice hit there. The effect itself, meh. I like if it was just the outer border instead of the "inner" background, but I can live with that.

We also get the first foilboard card - Shotzi (those are every 4 packs). Now...I do wonder, if SHotzi has a dark green parallel, does it make her look bald?

My last comment on these cards...please have Pete Dunne go back to being called Pete Dunne. I am done with the Butch name....

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