Monday, May 15, 2023

BJD3 Cards For Me

New trade partners at TCDB can bring some interesting stuff for a collection, and that's what we have today. I was not expecting cards to come in unopened packages, but lo and behold - a couple of them did just that. 

A couple Post Leaf cards - which I thought were nice, opened cards, came still sealed. The benefit? I put those cards back on my want list and was able to add these two to the unopened pack collection.

We also get a couple Pinnacle cards which were listed as Pinnacle but were actually Pinnacle Canadian (meaning both English and French on the back). I don't mind at all, and it doesn't make a big difference to me 99# of the time, and BJD3 shouldn't feel bad about it, but I figure it was a good time to just remind people of the difference because it's an easy one to make, especially if listing cards just by looking at the fronts.

Jell-O cards - there's a great reminder of the 90s! Mats and Cujo were greats in the league, and on the team, so getting the oversized food related card is a great addition.

Steve is also the last Leaf card I needed to complete the Leaf base team set for 1999-2000 Topps.

Big props to BJD3 for the trade - definitely a big collection help with some unexpected consequences and hope we can trade again soon!

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