Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Let's Go New Jays!

 I received a small surprise package of Blue Jays cards from Doug over at Sportscards From The Dollar Store all the way back in March. I had emailed to say thank you when they were received, but said that it would wait until May before I had a chance to share...and here we are!

Doug provided a bunch of newer Jays cards, many of which hadn't even had a chance to get onto my want list. I don't get the chance to individually add the cards in TCDB (because there are so many cards I want, I can't group add new sets which sucks).

Love any new Vladdy or Bichette card especially, but all nice shiny adds here, and even the Joe Carter card highlighting one of the iconic Jays moments.

We also get all of the (non-SP) base cards from 2022 Stadium Club. The cards all just look so amazing and are a great team set for the collection. I mean, the Joe Carter card is iconic again, but even check out Bo below...just love these cards.

Nicely, we have a single Leaf add as well to ensure hockey isn't ignored.

Really appreciate the surprise, and will be able to get something off to you soon Doug, now that I have a bit more time to do such things!


  1. So many cool cards here, especially Carter, Chapman, and Bichette.