Thursday, May 25, 2023

Anabwana Trade From Overseaes

 I don't do a lot of trades with European members of TCDB. Partially because the opportunity doesn't come up that often, which may be due to part two - the cost as it is of course more expensive shipping across the ocean.

I did get an offer from anabwana who is in Finland, and since a bunch was wrestling cards, I couldn't say no.

2003 Merlin Raw vs. Smackdown stickers. Didn't have any of these before, and atteast now I have, well, some!

Pretty basic action shots, and you need to know who is who as there are no names provided, but that works for me.

We move into some 2004 Topps cards which cover a good variety of talent, from the now cringy Eugene....okay, was cringy even nice stars like Edge and Christian. You can see that some of the cards are foil from the darker scan.

You can also tell that the focus of the women's division at the time was a bit more look focused from the pictures on the cards. No offense to Miss Jackie or Dawn Marie - it was just a different time in women's wrestling. Glad there has been such change though.

Nice enough action shots - like the RVD off the top, good photo there, and the Big Show chokeslam too actually.

Going back to the women's wrestling comment though...

Torrie was alright, but I always liked Stacy. Was glad to see her get into the Hall of Fame this year, definitely deserved, and loved that she started as a fan first.

There were some hockey cards and a single baseball card. The hockey here included some set help like Victory and Mini Jerset set below too.

What I didn't look closely at was that the Victory Leafs below are Swedish Finnish versions. Wouldn't go out of my way to collect, but pretty cool to have them, so that was an unexpected neat part of the trade.

Definitely up for the odd trade across the pond if anyone else out there is interested, but prefer making it a bigger trade and paying the bit more as it works out to less per card.

Big kudos on this trade though, thank you!


  1. The bottom 2 Victory cards, the horizontal ones are actually Finnish, not Swedish. I speak Danish which means I can effectively read Swedish, and that's not Swedish text, it's Finnish.

    Cant tell about the base cards though

    1. You are absolute right - my mistake, now fixed. I started looking at other language sets then referenced the wrong language. Great catch though, thank you!