Sunday, May 14, 2023

Fuzzy Wuzzy

 I was going to take a couple days for the last couple packs, but...well...let's knock them both off today.

So, I expect that the way the packs are put together, you get 4 base cards put together, all different, in the pack, and then 3 cards which are the inserts/parallels, and every here and there, just other base cards to get the odds they want on the inserts/parallels.

This would explain why we have two Rey cards which showed up back to back actually - one as part of the 4 base cards, and one with the inserts/prarallels. I am quite surprised that in the blaster, we ended up with not one, but TWO serial numbered parallels - can't do much better than that....well, until we get to the last pack....

Yup, could tell when getting the packs out that this one was different. Instead of 7 cards, just the one, which is thick, except the see through screen type insert. If you are going to get a wrestler on an insert card, Flair isn't a bad choice, and a Heenan appearance to boot.

I am not a big fan of manufactured type relics like this, but it's still really neat.

With that, we are done the blaster, and can get back to sharing some TCDB trades starting tomorrow...and the COVID lot should return soon too - still a lot to go through there as well...maybe another 8k cards.

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  1. I like that manufactured relic. Reminds me of the 90's when Upper Deck played around with film strip inserts.