Monday, May 22, 2023

Closer on Timmies...

 Okay, so I am a little out of order. I think, because this was hand delivered, it was already factored into my earlier comment about my Timmies set getting down to about 10 base card needs in order to finish it off.

This is in large part to THIS trade as well, which came from TCDB member Sean_bren who dropped by for a quick trade and brought this following help...

Yup, one oldie but goodie, and a bunch of Timmies. I will still need another Matthews for my Leaf collection, but one down at least now, so that's fantastic.

Getting these into the binder now, the set is starting to look really nice - though it will start to slow on additions as most the rest are inserts, and beyond the red, they get a bit more to trade for, which is fine, but needing to then find enough to get someone's interest piqued for the trade.

A problem for another time though, as today....big thanks to Sean_bren!

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