Thursday, May 4, 2023

Wrestling Cards from the

 Just like it says, I picked up 40 cards from which ends up costing about a quarter each when factoring in shipping and foreign exchange rates. A decent price for picking up wrestling cards which are generally harder to find in trades on TCDB. SO what did I get?

Okay, so I had to pick up ONE baseball card, I mean, it's in the website name, so I felt obliged to do so.

Then we get to work on a couple base sets. 2019 SmackDown Live got a bunch of help here. I am still missing about 10-15 cards with these ones, but much closer than I was.

2021 WWE Topps Road To Wrestlemania is a set I started building from a blaster box, but more help here.

It's pretty nice to be able to pick up some inserts for a quarter, and I like both these - the WrestleMania roster and the bronze parallels.

Here is the set I wanted the most help on:

As the orders are best done 40 cards at a time, I think there may be a few more I can get from them, but this was a good jump into it. I still need about 20 cards for the base set I think, but these did cut it in half. Still - got my man Miz card now at least!


  1. Nice haul! For some reason, when Nikki A.S.H. strikes that pose, she reminds me of Mary Katherine Gallagher character from SNL, when she goes "Superstar".

  2. Got my order from the online dime box recently too. Haven't had a chance to open it, but I think I tossed a few WWE cards into my cart as well.

  3. So you're the one who stole that Bulldog card away! Good haul buddy