Friday, December 15, 2023

1992-93 Pro Set Hockey

 The first big addition from the unexpected cards that I am keeping, from Nathan-John-Mercer, is a great start to the 1992-93 Pro Set hockey set. It wasn't one I was collecting, but is now as I am over 86% completed with the cards provided.

Just a smapling to share - I had a few cards in my for trade list that I pulled to keep now that I am working on this one. It's a decent set, and miles ahead of the 1990-91 error filled set, and maybe not as iconic to Pro Set as the 1991-92 set is, but a decent offering which was unfortunately, near the untimely demise of the brand.

Decent designs and backs on the cards, just Pro Set didn't have the legs in the hockey card business to be able to stick it out. Not sure how I feel about the name being bought and Pro Set being on more recent hockey cards, but I guess it is what it is - everything has value to someone.

The Play Smart cards carried over to this set from prior as well, and all in the set is a much smaller 270 cards than the 600+ card set (well - 2 releases, but one "set") from 1991-92.

I probably wouldn't have changed my mind on collecting this one without the massive head start, but now that we are under 40 cards left to go....slow build it is!


  1. I remember this set being a lot less available than the first couple years of Pro Set, which was probably a signal that they were crumbling as a company. 92-93 hockey (and 93 football) are still largely unknown to me as a result; this is actually the first time I'm seeing many of these cards.

    1. You are right - it's probably the tail end and less availability which is why it lags behind the other releases in how well remembered (good or bad) it is.

  2. Agreed. Never seen this one either. Thanks for sharing it with us.