Thursday, December 7, 2023

Small PWE Trades

 A couple small trades to share as I continue to roll with trades - may be at about 140 for the year which will be, by far, my most which was about 100 last year.

First up, a couple cards from Arby85.

They are inserts, and I guess the one with the Dave Stieb fact could be considered a Jays card, so I had no issue taking these as Arby had a few cards they needed, so all good. These are from the match the stats game in 1992 Topps for those interested.

Let's cover a second small PWE today, this one from Kleskomaniac...

I will say, the Bowman Heritage design does a great job of flashing 1993 Bowman goodness. I do like the blue colouring though which goes nicely with the Jays cards.

We also get another 2023 Topps Jays card to help with the continued goal of getting all my base Jays.

A nice couple trades, and more to share tomorrow!


  1. I can remember scratching off a ton of those cards way back when. I don't think I could've ever imagined back then that a time would ever come where people would be collecting them though.

    1. I can honestly say - I wouldn't have thought to want to collect them if it wasn't for the completeness of TCDB.

  2. Months ago I tried to scratch them off, but it didn't take. It was on there good. Curious it other sets of them would actually scratch off nicely.