Saturday, December 9, 2023

Cards From Darth

 A nice little trade today with DarthPanzer which saw some football cards turn into Blue Jays and Leafs...I love magic!

A nice variety of cards from the last 15 years or so. Darth was kind enough to throw in a couple extras with the Rios and Lind at the bottom - thank you.

Though I really like the Bichette in the middle, Halladay wins for most important as it was the second of two Jays from the 2010 Topps Peak Performers insert set.

The few Leaf additions are my first 2023-24 Upper Deck MVP cards, and that blue goes pretty swell with the Leafs, so a nice bons for the design. It also marks my 75th Auston Matthews card which isn't too shabby.

Speaking of not too shabby, the Leafs have started out well enough, though could definitely be better, so I am hoping that upside is just waiting until the later part of the season and playoffs to come out!

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