Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Baseball From Jaskau82

 A trade so big, it took two PWEs to get and send! SO all in about 40 cards going each way, and let's see the baseball we got...

A fairly wide variety of Jays cards coming in, including some micro variations like E** copyright variations for the Bowman cards of C versus D on the Stadium Club. Nothing that "normal" people would worry about, but that detailed collectors may nod and agree to getting.

Oh, and if they are not a Jay, they be an error binder card.

That Carlos Delgado bottom right is a 1998 SkyBox E-X card, and the multi layer card design letting the acetate leave a snazzy and clear, all in one, design, is pretty cool and feels high end.

Best card of the trade might be the 1996 Topps prospects card as it was the last of my needs for the base team set of 17 cards - yay to small victories.

I do want to bring up early 2000s Donruss Classics sets as I think these go by as underrated by many people. I haven't been able to get them in any large number, but I like the designs, and the cards really feel and look great. They may not try to cash in on old school designs, but they stay classy (pun intended) with a newer - for the time - look.

2003 Fleer Hardball kept to the "ball" name with their design. I am just happy that the width was kept the same as a normal sized card so these fit nicely in sleeves, pocket pages, etc.

2003 Upper Deck Victory cards always looked like the backs of a deck of cards with the design - and here with the green border, which doesn't add to the look. Just too much design and not enough player.

A great trade and variety, and definitely someone I hope to trade with again, which is a sentiment I have almost every single time I trade with TCDB members.

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  1. I couldn't tell you why, but I vividly remember that particular Vince Coleman card from my childhood more than any of his other cards.