Friday, December 1, 2023

Out on the Shelf

Not sure how many people out there do it, but we have an Elf on our Shelf which shows up today, and stays to Christmas Eve. Kids seem to like it, and he does tend to get up to some interesting hijinx now and then, but I know some who feel weighed down by the extra family member in December.

Side though - if he seems to be too adventurous, sometimes he can be injured and not able to move much for a few days - can definitely come in handy.

Well, here in the Card Corner, not so worried about Elves of Shelves, more interested in cards on shelves, but today, not even that, more cards from lots with another bunch of hockey cards from the COVID lot.

Well, I can only guess that Joe was out in the sun a little too long because that damage looks pretty severe with the colour difference. I mean, I didn't need any of the Avalanche for my set build anyway, but Joe is going straight to the package material pile.

Nice - a second Leaf, and would have figured I didn't have that Mogilny, but this is my second copy. I didn't realize the Beehive cards have team coloured wood edging in the 2005-06 set, but, there you have it. Here I thought they may be parallels - oops!

Nice - a trifecta of new Leafs, and a set add for my 2013-14 Score set build too. I can't say I have seen much of that set in this lot which is a bit surprising as it is a "low end" set and I would have expected more as those packs were in everything repack 5-8 years ago, but there you have it for another day of the COVID lot!

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