Sunday, December 3, 2023

Trevor For Three

 A trade share today from TCDB member Trevor31416 who provided me with three new Toronto cards for my collection.

Here we have my first two cards from the 2023-24 Tim Hortons set. I am not planning to work on completing the set this year, so happy to get my Leaf content, and even happier to get the one and done Leaf insert for Hockey Triumphs.

The designs are different enough from prior years, but both are very much Timmies cards, and the designs stay true to the sets of the past.

I think the base set was brought down in simplicity a little bit, and I think that actually works out well. Will wait until I get and see more, but a good first impression at least.

I will have to wait until Christmas to see if I get the usual cards from my mom, as that would probably start me on collecting the Timmies set, if it's going to happen.

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