Monday, December 4, 2023

Trade With uncfan505

 Yes - an uncreative, but very true title for the blog! First time trade partner, and all Jays!

Mostly newer cards, but we do start with a Sportflix, which scan, well, not too bad considering since it picked up on of the shots pretty well.

Cards 2002-2005 are still well under represented in my Jays collection, but given the uniform design during the period - not a total loss. Never did like the "J" design.

Now, getting into the last couple years and some Chrome cards, and Gallery - very nice. Am I the only one that finds the price point for these cards excessive for what they are. Heck, seems the price point on all cards is excessive still.

Is the holiday set pointless? I think so in a lot of ways as it's just like having another parallel, but doing it in a separate release (cha-ching!).

Hard not to like the Heritage designs when they come from nice design years. I mean, side by side, which design do you prefer?

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, holiday set as a standalone hurts. Would only go after players I like. May go after a team set.