Monday, December 11, 2023

Trade With StarsFan

 Last small trade for wrap up today - this one with TCDB member StarsFan, which actually spurned another trade which we have on the go and I'll share once that one separately wraps up. This one, a small PWE.

May not seem like a bunch of cards, but does have a few Leaf team set completions in it. These include my last needs for Leafs in 1994 Classic Four Sports, 1998-99 Topps, and 1993-94 Parkhurst. Thought I might have been done the 1993-94 Parkhurst already, but wasn't the case until todays trade!

Every time I get a new MVP set card, I do remind myself I have some unopened materials from those sets so, I may already, unknowingly, have the cards. Then again, dupe Leafs will be just fine. Might be able to crack into some of those in 2024 - side note - some of the unopened boxes, I have had since 2019 or earlier. Still looking to crack my 2015-16 Upper Deck Champs hockey a glance, looks like about 4 boxes and 15 blasters which cover hockey and baseball.